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The Stainless Fence: The Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing

When you install a wooden fence, you begin a fight against the ravages of mother nature. The sun will fade the fence's color and moisture will promote rot to say nothing for the damages inflicted by marauding armies of termites. While installing cedar slats will increase your fence's resilience as compared to other woods such a pine or birch, fade and rot happens to all wooden fences. To fend off nature's fury, you must stain your fence —repeatedly. The time between stainings will depend on several factors including sun exposure, amount of humidity, sprinkler adjustments, and whether you bought sap or heartwood.

Suffice it to say that maintenance costs are high with wooden fences. If you want to avoid the hassle of maintaining your fence, choose vinyl over wooden fencing:

What is Vinyl Fencing?

A vinyl fence is constructed of posts and panels made from polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC. The benefit of using vinyl is that careful engineering can ensure that every piece of your fence has the same structural integrity of every other. While manufacturers can mold vinyl to mimic the look of wooden grains, you don't have to worry about warping, checking, cracking, rot, insect damage, and other problems that plague wood.

Furthermore, the color of a vinyl fence comes from mixing coloring agents into the PVC before the molding process. Thus, the color of the fence continues throughout every piece of fence. Thus, fading is not a problem for a vinyl fence. Installing a PVC fence is a simple in that the fence comes as an easily assembled kit. 

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Fencing?

When you install a vinyl fence, you never have to worry about staining the fence. In fact, you can limit your maintenance to washing your fence whenever it starts to get dirty. Vinyl fences have proven to be largely weather resistant. They will stand up to constant wind, hail, driving rain, sun exposure, and so on.

While there are limits to what a vinyl fence can endure, you still get accessible durability from a vinyl fence especially considering that you don't have to make extensive efforts to maintain your fence. 

Wooden fences and and vinyl fences are comparable in terms of installation costs, but where vinyl really takes the advantage is in maintenance. If you can't afford to restain your fence every time the color starts to fade, install a vinyl fence and get nearly maintenance-free durability for your money. Contact a company such as Allied Fence of Tampa Bay if you'd like to learn more.