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How to Keep Wood Fencing in Great Condition This Winter

If you have trees surrounding your yard, the privacy they provide will be reduced greatly when the winter comes. That is why so many people prefer to use a fence to add privacy to their home all year round. Unfortunately, the cold months of winter can put added stress on wood fencing due to snow, rain, and moisture. Here is how you can keep your fence in great condition this winter.

Waterproof in the Fall

Moisture is a huge threat to wood fencing, so any preventative measures you can take are going to increase its durability. It's impossible to keep all moisture away from the wood, but films and chemical sprays can do a very good job. Just make sure to apply them in the fall before the cold weather comes instead of waiting until it is too late.

Keep Snow Away from the Fence

The fence may make a great retaining wall for all your extra snow, but stacking the snow up against the wood will cause unnecessary moisture to get into the wood. The less snow that touches your fence the better off it will be.

Properly Landscape Your Shrubs

The same rule applies to anything that is touching the fence that contains moisture, such as plants and bushes. When landscaping, always make sure that these items are not coming in direct contact with a fence. Even soil that is touching the bottom of the fence will cause moisture to leach into the wood.

Control Pests before They Are a Problem

When a wood fence becomes wet, it will make the organic material the perfect home for carpenter ants, termites, and beetles. While buying pressure treated wood is a great way to prevent these pests from getting inside, you may have a fence that was not previously pressure treated. You can have an exterminator spray the wood down with chemicals to prevent pests from making their home in the wood during the winter.

Look for Soil That Has Shifted

The moisture in the soil can cause the ground to gradually shift over time. If your fence is fairly new, the recently loosened soil could become even looser due to the moisture. Pay attention to fence posts that have shifted, as they will need to be fixed in the spring when the weather is warmer. Consider using cement to secure posts that are particularly troublesome.

For more tips on how to maintain your fence, be sure to speak with a fencing contractor, like Family Fence Company, about your concerns.