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Three Tips to Help You Create a Fence with a Contemporary Design

If you want to add privacy to your home, building your own fence can be a great project. Traditional designs can be built with common wood picket materials. Contemporary designs can also be incorporated into your fence design. They can include materials like metal, wood, or even synthetic plastics. Here are some ways you can create a unique fencing design for your home:

1. Using Unconventional Wood Designs for a Contemporary Look

Wood can be used to give fences many different designs. It does not have to be installed in a conventional picket design. You can experiment with different horizontal designs for your fence. In addition, try using different woods like Brazilian Ipe or domestic oak. Cedar can also be a good choice, which also comes in tongue-and-groove materials to create a unique look.

2. Installing Metal Panels to Give Fencing a More Contemporary Design

Metal is another great choice for contemporary fencing. You can use panels in wood frames to give your fence a unique look. If you want to try something different, you can also stencil patterns in the fence and cut them out. To do patterns, straight lines will be easy to cut with a handheld disk-grind with a metal cutting blade. For more detailed designs, you will need a welder or plasma torch to cut the designs out.  If you need help, you can contact a welder to cut out the patterns for you and do the rest of the work yourself.

3. Incorporating Glass and Synthetic Materials into Fence Designs

Glass and synthetic materials can also be great to add to a contemporary fence. Cement boards can be used to give your fence a different look. You can also get frosted glass to create your fence. If you want to add patterns to your fence, you can use plastic stencils like the stickers you add on glass for holiday decor. This will also give you to change the designs or remove them if you want. You can even have a design for every season. Using strip lighting can help illuminate your fence to give it the contemporary look you want. Plastics like PVC can also be used as an affordable alternative to glass, but will eventually need to be replaced.

These are some ideas to help you build a fence with a modern design. If you are ready to start building your own contemporary fence, contact a fence supplies service like Harrington & Company to get everything you need to build a great looking fence.