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The Best Horse Fencing For Mares With Foals

When foaling season arrives, you want to make sure your horses are properly and safely secure. The right fencing allows Mama and her foal to feel comfortable and free of danger. The best horse fencing for mares with foals is durable yet non-abrasive to the touch so the young foal doesn't get cut or otherwise hurt when touching it. When shopping for horse fencing to keep your mares and their young babies safe, keep the following considerations in mind.

Visual appeal

Horses do see some color, but colors such as blue and orange can appear whitish gray in appearance. Whether you install a vinyl, wooden, or wire fence for your mares and foals to thrive in, make sure you enhance the visual quality of your fencing to keep your horses from running into or leaning on it. One way to do this is by placing PVC pipe along the top, middle, and bottom sections of your fencing to allow a clearer visual for your mares and foals to see where their fence begins and how tall it is. If you don't have PVC, using colorful tape to wrap the top of your fencing and its posts will give the same effect. Colors you can use so horses see it clearly include:

  • yellow
  • red
  • green
  • pink

Horses typically see colors in a more muted, pastel tone, so choose very bright colors to allow them to see their fence lines best. Foals will quickly learn the boundaries of their fence, and will be able to avoid walking or bumping into the fence you provide easier.

Protection inside and out

When mares have foals, they are very protective of their young. You want to keep children, pets, and other farm animals out of their fenced area to avoid stressing the mother horse or putting her foal in danger. V-mesh wire is the best kind of fencing for keeping horses contained and predators out, and has a smooth finish to prevent scratches and other damage should a horse lean on it. Cheaper fencing, such as woven wire, can also be used to keep your horses in, but make sure to reinforce the fence with a top board or tape so your horses can clearly see their fence line.

Your mares and foals need a fence that can protect them from intruders in addition to being easy to see. With the right fencing materials and additions, you can create a safe fence for your mares and foals to feel comfortable and safe in.

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