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When They Get High: 2 Privacy Fencing Options That Solve The Problem

In most situations, a standard 6 ft. privacy fence is the perfect way to block unsightly views and gawking neighbors. But there are 2 times when you really need to elevate the situation. High buildings and high winds call for unique privacy fencing solutions.

When a standard fence just won't do.

If you live in town and your neighborhood is hilly, or you live next to a 2-story apartment building or office complex, standard 6 ft. privacy fencing is not going to be tall enough for privacy's sake. If you're a rural resident and you've got an extensive garden, the deer easily soaring over your 8 ft. electric fence to scarf up all of your veggies are telling you to go higher.

12 ft. simulated stone fence panels are a perfect option if your local zoning laws allow them. The 12 ft. privacy fences come in a variety of granite patterns, and they're engineered to stand up to wind and the elements. Fencing crews use 5 in. by 5 in. steel posts to anchor the panels, which are reinforced with galvanized steel.

The simulated stone walls are imposing, and some have a finish that deters graffiti artists. But they're also good-looking, elegant fencing materials that should make neighbors happy, and homeowners have the option of choosing matching gates to finish the stone look.

When the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

Whether you're in Oklahoma or on a bluff in the Rockies, when you live in an area of high winds, a solid privacy fence may be a tricky option. Fencing must be reinforced and braced properly when it's located in an area known for tornadoes or hurricanes. Consulting a fencing professional who knows the codes and recommended installation for your area is a good idea as you plan privacy fences in high-wind places.

If you worry about heavy fencing materials hitting your home or vehicle in the event of a storm, consider installing chain link fencing with privacy slats or privacy fabric. These materials rattle in heavy winds, but they'll let most wind whistle through the fence without falling apart.

Another idea is to have a thinner wire fence with plants installed beside it to provide privacy and a windbreak. It's best to try to find local shrubs and vines that can handle the environment where you live, as they'll have the best chance of surviving. Many plants will grow 6 ft. tall in just a few years, and their roots will help hold them fast during high winds while their green tops provide you with a living fence.

Your local fencing professionals have solutions for all of your privacy and security needs. Call a company like Heartland Deck and Fence today to learn about the many fencing options available to you.