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Reasons To Consider Installing A Vinyl-Wrapped Chain Link Fence

If you're thinking about putting a fence around your backyard, you should consider going with chain link. You may have eliminated it from your choices because you don't want an ugly silver fence around your yard. However, today you can get chain link fencing that's wrapped in vinyl. The end result is a visually appealing fence that blends in with the background. Here are some other advantages of this type of fencing.

Little Maintenance Required

Chain link fencing is made of galvanized metal. That means the metal is treated so it won't rust. Then, if you choose a vinyl coating, it is applied over the galvanized metal as a second layer of protection. A vinyl coated chain link fence not only looks nice, it stays that way with little effort on your part. You don't need to paint the fence or repair damage from rot or insects. All you need to do is inspect the fence occasionally for deep cuts that split the vinyl or scratch into the metal. These should be filled to keep the damage from getting worse. Besides repairing occasional nicks, you probably won't have to do any maintenance on your fence for years, and that includes washing it too.

You Can See Through The Fence

One of the biggest advantages to installing a chain link fence is that you can see beyond your property boundary since you can see through the holes in the links. This could mean a lot to you if your property backs into the woods or a lake. A black vinyl fence blends in very well with trees and nature, so it's almost like the fence isn't even there, yet it will keep your kids and pets in the yard and safe.

Adjusts Into A Privacy Fence

If you're worried you'll need a privacy fence later on, you can always adapt your chain link fence so it offers privacy around your yard. All you have to do is buy privacy slats and weave them through the links. You can weave the slats through your entire fence or just on the sides that face your neighbors. This gives you the best of both worlds since you can go back and forth between an open and closed fence when you want more privacy. Some slats are even made from fake foliage, so it looks like you have ivy or shrubs along the fence that is blocking the view.

Fence Is Strong And Durable

A chain link fence is very strong. It will keep even a big dog in the yard. You can buy the fence in various heights, although you may be restricted in height by your HOA or city codes. A tall chain link fence offers security for your home. Since it doesn't rot or decay, you don't have to worry about weak spots that will form and allow your dog to escape. Plus, since the fence is full of holes, the wind blows right through it. A chain link fence survives bad storms and high winds much better than a solid wood or vinyl fence.

Another major benefit of a chain link fence is the cost. Chain link is the least expensive type of fence. The cost starts at about $6 per foot. Compare that to $15 per foot for a wood fence and $20 per foot for a vinyl fence. If you're on a tight budget, then a chain link fence is a good way to go.