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Curb Appeal: Choose The Right Fencing For Your Business

Choosing the right type of fencing for your establishment can be difficult, especially when there are a plethora of choices. You should opt for a fence that will improve your curb appeal and protect your property. The following will show you how your business can benefit from a fence as well as a few fencing options.

What Fencing May Offer


One of the most important functions of a fence is to give your business and customers some privacy. But you need to consider how much privacy you want because completely hiding your establishment may hinder valuable exposure. You can, of course, opt for full enclosure if your business may benefit from a little mystery.


You should also make sure you think about appearance; remember that your fence is representing your business. Choosing the right material, such as vinyl (this will be discussed further on), is one of the biggest factors for the overall look of your fence. But you also need to consider style, such as a picket-like fence, fences with pillars (with or without artwork), and even color.


The last thing you need to consider is the security you want your fence to render your business because security does depend on the type of fence you choose. Tall fences, for example, make it hard for individuals to climb over into your business, and spiked tops will add even more security. You can also choose chained fences for greater visibility; this should help you see an individual attempting to vandalize. Or you can add a fence with several sturdy pillars in-between your fence to protect your business from vehicular accidents if your business sits in a highly trafficked area. 

You can talk to your fencing specialist about other benefits that you might enjoy with the right fencing.

Fencing Materials

Chain Link or Barbed Wire: This is usually the cheapest type of fencing, which provides some advantages if you are focused on security, such as visibility. 

Ornamental or Iron Fencing: Iron fencing is more traditional and not used as much, although it is very strong. Ornamental fencing is usually made of aluminum. The benefits of these options are their sturdiness as well as the amount of visibility you will have.

Wood Fencing: This is one of the most sought after options, as it gives you a natural aesthetic. You can also choose to enclose yourself completely with wood, or lean towards a more picket-like fence if you want visibility. The drawback is that wood fences require more maintenance. 

Vinyl: Another option is vinyl, which is quite affordable and flexible. You may be able to change vinyl to look like any material, such as wood or steel. Vinyl is sturdy, not subject to corrosion nor rot, and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Talk to your fencing specialist about these options or any special materials that you are considering. But hopefully this guide can help you narrow down your choices.