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Unique Fencing Options To Give Your Yard Cheeky Curb Appeal

If you are the kind of person who likes their home to stand out, whether you paint its exterior in bright hues or you place lawn ornaments everywhere you can, then you may want to give your yard gorgeous and cheeky curb appeal as well. Fencing can not only help streamline your property and give it a fresh appearance, it can help you express your personality in whole new ways. Here are unique fencing options you can consider to keep your property as quirky and fun as you are.


Wooden pallets that are discarded by warehouses and shipping companies can be used to border your property in a rustic and quirky way. A fencing contractor can help you line pallets around your property and secure them with bolts, nails, and secure posts for a sure and lasting fence. Finish off your fence with an old corral gate and you have a cheeky and refurbished fence around your yard you can love. You can paint pallets any color you wish, from hues that match your home to alternating tones that draw the eye.


If you don't need a fence to keep your animals or children in your yard but you do want a fence to create a border for your property, look no further than old tractor tires. Cut in half, these tires can be partially buried around your property to create a whimsical, rounded barrier to separate your home from your neighbors. Add dimension by using tractor tires of varying sizes so your fence has even greater appeal. You can get old tractor tires from local agricultural equipment auctions or by searching online.


Take advantage of your current wooden or chain link fence and turn it into something woodsy and charming by simply adding vines. Ivy, morning glory, wild roses, and other types of climbing plants can quickly take over your fence to make it more private and colorful in style. If you want to help vines or plants get started, simply place a small trellis along random areas of your wooden fence, or allow vines to take root on your chain link fence on their own. To add greater appeal, hook a basket to your fence that vines and other climbing plants can take over for a charming dimension.

Whether you want to make your existing fence more unique or you are thinking of adding a fence to your property and don't know what you want yet, there are many options you can choose from to keep your quirky personality alive. A fencing contractor, like one from Summit  Fence Company, will be happy to work with your design needs to help you create a beautiful fence you will love.