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Is Every Nearby Yard Fenced? Get A Unique Design By Installing A Wood Fence

When you went house shopping, you may have fallen in love with a home and made an offer. But, one of the things that you may have noticed about the property was that it did not have a fence while being surrounded by properties that were all fenced. If your offer was accepted and you have settled into the home, you may be ready to get assistance with installing a fence.

Although you may want to match all the other properties by getting a fence, you may be determined to make it look unique when you compare the fence with the neighboring ones. A wood fence will give you an incredible amount of flexibility in choosing a unique design.

Post and Picket Design

One of the first things that you can look at is the design of the posts and pickets. Although you can go with a standard flat design, you should not hesitate to exercise your creativity by picking a coved, rounded point, or deco style. Since this is just the beginning of the design process, you will want to determine whether you want the posts and pickets to carry unique features.

Whether you want a picket design that allows airflow through or you are interested in maximum privacy with a solid design, you will have numerous styles to choose from. A fencing contractor can show you examples of all the options to help you with deciding designs for your own fence.

Wood Species

While fencing professionals will likely have certain recommendations for wood species depending on your budget, the great thing is that you will have several options to pick from. A redwood fence will provide you with a noticeably different look compared to a cedar fence.

If you want to stay close to your budget, you can have a fencing contractor give you a list of wood species that are close in price. This way, you can pick from these options and get your ideal look without sacrificing quality by picking a cheaper wood or spending more on a higher quality wood.


Along with picking a wood species that will give your fence a certain look, you will have a chance to stain the wood that can transform the original wood look into something else. If you love the qualities of a certain wood species, you can choose it based on them alone. Then, you can have fencing professionals stain all the wood to give the fence a unique look that you will love.

Paying attention to these details when you get help to install a wood fence will give you plenty of opportunities to add a functional and unique-looking fence. Contact a company like York Fence Co to learn more.