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Install a Chain Link Fence and Gate to Prevent People from Entering Your Company's Parking Lot After Hours

If the parking area to your hardware business is located around the back of the establishment, installing fencing and a gate right next to the business will prevent anyone from using your parking lot as a place to hang out once you have closed your store for the night. 

Learn About Chain Link Fencing

Unlike wooden, vinyl, or metal fencing, chain link fencing usually retains its shape and is not prone to damage during windy conditions. You can count on chain-link fences to remain rust-free and can even select fencing that will complement the color of siding or paint that has been applied to your store's exterior.

Galvanized fencing is one of the most popular types of chain-link fencing. It is silver and does not require paint or a sealant to protect it from corrosion. Other chain-link fencing colors that you can pick from are black, green, or dark brown. Contact a commercial chain-link fencing provider for more information.

Use Privacy Partitions or Slats If You Are Concerned About People Snooping

Privacy fencing partitions or slats can be used to increase privacy if you are concerned about people snooping after-hours and want to discourage anyone from driving onto your property. Partitions need to be secured with hardware and may be constructed of vinyl or a similar material. Practice installing the partitions and show some of your workers how to utilize them so that the partitions can be secured the proper way on occasions when you have assigned someone else to lock the gate at the end of the day.

Slats are another privacy material that you can purchase if you prefer them over partitions. Slats are long, thin pieces of plastic that need to be pushed down through the top openings in the chain-link fence. Partitions come in bags that contain a multitude of pieces. You can purchase partitions that are the same color as the fence or are a different color that will offset the fencing material.

Either type of privacy feature will be especially useful if you ever decide to close your business for several days in a row and want to prevent anyone from seeing the driveway that leads to the parking area.

Choose a Gate Style That Locks

The gate that you select should have a built-in locking mechanism or a separate card or pin code entry system that has been installed along the front of the fencing feature. Keep tabs on who has access to the gate to minimize the chances that someone who is unauthorized will gain entry to your property.