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Why Consider Animal Friendly Fence Systems for Your Nature-Bordering Property?

Fencing in your nature-bordering property is key to making your property border known. However, you want to consider animal-friendly fence systems over something like barbed wire or other fencing systems for a variety of reasons.

Here are reasons to consider animal-friendly fence systems for your property that borders nature. When you realize how important animal-friendly fences are, you'll get the big picture and end up with a fence you'll love and feel proud about.

1. You don't want to harm any animals that encounter your fence

Barbed wire can prove to be dangerous to animals due to the construction of the fencing itself. Animals will naturally want to climb or jump over your fence because the border of your property interferes with their natural habitat, so creating an easy clearance for wildlife is key. If you want to do a chain-link fence, create a smooth wire system that is easily climbed and jumped over by deer, elk, antelope, and other animals. If you choose a pointed wood fence or a chain link with barbed wire, you risk wildlife injury anytime a creature attempts to clear your fencing.

2. You don't want to create a barrier for creatures trying to get by

Solid fencing can be difficult for smaller animals, such as rabbits or other smaller creatures who don't climb well, to get around. Your fence should act as a border for your property, but not a barrier creatures cannot get around. If you want a privacy fence for your property, consider animal-friendly fence systems that have an opening at the bottom of the fence and that have alternating heights to allow wildlife to get over and under as they wish without interfering with your need for privacy.

Before you put any type of fence up at your property, speak to your fence contractor about your options regarding animal-friendly fence systems. What your fencing will cost depends on the style of fence you choose and how much of your property you're putting a fence around. If you want to fence your entire property, make sure you keep the fence consistent around the property so if an animal were to get caught in your yard, they would be able to easily escape.

If your fence is currently not among the animal-friendly fence systems on the market today, have your fence contractor take the fence down and put up a better one. The right fence will give you peace of mind that you've effectively bordered your property while also allowing the wildlife that lives near you to have easy pass-through privileges.