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An Overview Of The Professional Wood Fence Installation Process

If your backyard doesn't have a fence yet, a wood fence is a good option to consider. These provide the security you need in your backyard, and they have a classic look that fits in well with most neighborhoods. Here are some points to know about professional wood fence installation.

Verify Your Property Line 

Make sure your fence goes up in the proper location or you may be forced to tear it down and start over. If this is your first fence, you may need to have a survey done to find out where your property line is and the spot that's the required feet away from it. Even if there is an old fence line present, it might still be a good idea to get a survey so you can avoid confrontations with your neighbors.

The survey and clearing of weeds along the fence line should be completed before the installation crew is set to put up your fence. You or the contractor will also need to call and have utility lines marked so it's safe to dig the post holes.

Choose The Side To Face Your Home

A professional wood fence installation company knows the exact protocols to follow when installing a fence so you stay in good graces with your neighbors. Typically, the attractive side of the fence faces your neighbors' properties. This makes for a more attractive look for the outside of your property that's seen from the street.

Allow For A Multi-Day Installation Process

The fence installers might put in the posts and set them in concrete the first day and let the concrete cure before installing the rest of the fence. This ensures the posts are stable so the fence panels can be nailed to them without causing the posts to move. Wood fences are often built with panels rather than individual pickets, so the work goes fairly fast.

However, the fence must be level and the gate has to be installed properly, and it may still take a couple of days to get everything installed. Your fence contractor will give you an estimate for the completion date, but the work might be delayed by weather conditions too.

Stain The Fence Later

The fence installer may not be able to stain your fence right away. Staining and sealing aren't necessary, but they help your fence stay attractive for longer. The contractor has to consider the type of wood, how dry it is, and the weather conditions when determining when the wood can be sealed or stained. It might be a matter of weeks or months.

Contact a local wood fence installation service to learn more.