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5 Ways To Avoid Imposing Commercial Fencing

A security fence around your business may be a necessity, but it can be imposing to your clientele and make your building seem less welcoming. Fortunately, there are ways to erect the security fence you need while still creating a welcoming atmosphere for your clients. 

1. Keep the View

Solid fences feel more imposing than open pickets because they close everything in and create a feeling of secrecy. There are open styles of fence that provide sufficient security while maintaining a view and an open feeling. Chainlink is a cost-effective option. If you prefer something a little more stylish, then open-picket aluminum or steel fencing may be a good option. Just make sure the pickets are spaced so that no one can slip between them.

2. Avoid Barb Wire

Few things are more imposing than a tall fence topped with coils of barbed wire. Although barbed wire does work well to prevent intruders from climbing over, there are other options. Spiked finials on metal fencing look decorative but serve a similar purpose to barbed wire. Curving the top foot or two of the fencing outward is also a decorative option that makes a fence difficult to scale.

3. Soften Chainlink

Chainlink fences provide effective and durable security fencing, but they aren't too welcoming on their own. If chainlink is a good choice for your business, there are ways to soften its appearance and make it more secure. Rubber-coated chainlink, particularly when done in a dark color, makes the fence look more polished and less harsh. The coating also makes the opening in the chain smaller so that it's more difficult to get a foothold to climb the fence.

4. Avoid the Ornate

An overly ornate metal fence can complement some businesses, such as antique stores in old Victorian-style buildings, but they can be a bit imposing when around a more modern building. Instead, opt for fencing that has more modern lines and fewer decorative pieces. Another benefit is the fewer crossbars and decorative fillers on a fence, the harder it is for an intruder to find a foothold for climbing.

5. Blend It In

A security fence doesn't have to be the first thing your customers notice, as long as it does the job of protecting your business. Avoid fencing in bright colors or colors that clash badly with the surroundings. Dark colors, like black or wood tones, tend to fade into the background. White can also work well if it complements the color of your building's exterior. 

Contact a commercial fence contractor for more help and ideas.