How to Keep Wood Fencing in Great Condition This Winter

If you have trees surrounding your yard, the privacy they provide will be reduced greatly when the winter comes. That is why so many people prefer to use a fence to add privacy to their home all year round. Unfortunately, the cold months of winter can put added stress on wood fencing due to snow, rain, and moisture. Here is how you can keep your fence in great condition this winter. [Read More]

The Stainless Fence: The Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing

When you install a wooden fence, you begin a fight against the ravages of mother nature. The sun will fade the fence's color and moisture will promote rot to say nothing for the damages inflicted by marauding armies of termites. While installing cedar slats will increase your fence's resilience as compared to other woods such a pine or birch, fade and rot happens to all wooden fences. To fend off nature's fury, you must stain your fence —repeatedly. [Read More]