The Best Horse Fencing For Mares With Foals

When foaling season arrives, you want to make sure your horses are properly and safely secure. The right fencing allows Mama and her foal to feel comfortable and free of danger. The best horse fencing for mares with foals is durable yet non-abrasive to the touch so the young foal doesn't get cut or otherwise hurt when touching it. When shopping for horse fencing to keep your mares and their young babies safe, keep the following considerations in mind. [Read More]

When They Get High: 2 Privacy Fencing Options That Solve The Problem

In most situations, a standard 6 ft. privacy fence is the perfect way to block unsightly views and gawking neighbors. But there are 2 times when you really need to elevate the situation. High buildings and high winds call for unique privacy fencing solutions. When a standard fence just won't do. If you live in town and your neighborhood is hilly, or you live next to a 2-story apartment building or office complex, standard 6 ft. [Read More]

Three Tips to Help You Create a Fence with a Contemporary Design

If you want to add privacy to your home, building your own fence can be a great project. Traditional designs can be built with common wood picket materials. Contemporary designs can also be incorporated into your fence design. They can include materials like metal, wood, or even synthetic plastics. Here are some ways you can create a unique fencing design for your home: 1. Using Unconventional Wood Designs for a Contemporary Look [Read More]

2 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Backyard

To create a unique backyard space, you need to find alternative materials that you can use. Here are two different materials that you can use to change the overall appearance of your backyard. Install Slatted Chain Link Fencing Installing a privacy fence gives your yard an enclosed feeling. However, when a wooden fence is not to your liking, then you need to consider a chain-link fence that uses slats. This design option blocks people from looking into your backyard and it gives you a way to customize your property at the same time. [Read More]