5 Reasons Chain Link Fencing Is Great

When most people decide to fence in their yard, they will have several reasons for doing so. No matter what your reasons may be for deciding to put up a fence, you want to make sure you choose the material carefully so you end up with a fence that successfully meets all those needs. For many people, chain link fencing proves to be the best solution. This is due to the flexibility and benefits of this type of fencing. [Read More]

Swinging On A Gate: Three Fun Uses For Extra Gates

As a fence contractor, you always try to get your purchasing orders right. Unfortunately, there is always going to be that certain percentage of human error, either on the part of the company that sold you fencing materials and gates, or on your own part. While you can always store a few extra fencing panels and materials for upcoming projects, an overabundance of gates is a little trickier. When it is the problem of the retailer, you can usually get them to take the extra gates back. [Read More]

Reasons To Consider Installing A Vinyl-Wrapped Chain Link Fence

If you're thinking about putting a fence around your backyard, you should consider going with chain link. You may have eliminated it from your choices because you don't want an ugly silver fence around your yard. However, today you can get chain link fencing that's wrapped in vinyl. The end result is a visually appealing fence that blends in with the background. Here are some other advantages of this type of fencing. [Read More]

The Best Horse Fencing For Mares With Foals

When foaling season arrives, you want to make sure your horses are properly and safely secure. The right fencing allows Mama and her foal to feel comfortable and free of danger. The best horse fencing for mares with foals is durable yet non-abrasive to the touch so the young foal doesn't get cut or otherwise hurt when touching it. When shopping for horse fencing to keep your mares and their young babies safe, keep the following considerations in mind. [Read More]